Saturday, February 19, 2011

Core Training

Training your core is a great way to improve balance, posture, and the overall way you move.  And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a flat tummy? But the core is not just your abs!  The core consists mainly of muscles between your neck and hips--this includes muscles in your back--and others that help protect and move your spine and pelvis.  There are two categories of muscles in the core: the stabilization system and the movement system.

When you build a house you start with a foundation.  Without the foundation the house could not stand.  Think of your stabilization system as the foundation to your house or the muscles that help you to have good posture.  Without it you will be more prone to injury.  Do you have low back pain?  Strengthening your stabilization muscles will take unnecessary pressure off the spine and may help decrease your back pain. 

A great stabilization exercise is the plank.  Now spice it up by doing this.

These are the muscles you probably think of when you think of core musculature.  Your 6 pack abs are definitely part of this category!  Many people work on these muscles first, ignoring the stabilization muscles.  The body cannot properly use the muscles of the movement system until the stabilization muscles have been trained.

A great movement exercise is the ball back extension with rotation or try this.

Most people tend to focus more on the movement system which can result in injury. Try this core exercise routine out--it has some awesome stabilization exercises!

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